The new and colorful Dior Addict Shopping Tote Bag

Dior Addict Shopping Tote Bag

Dior Addict shopping tote bag is created by the rules imposed by Raf Simons,creative director of the french fashion house: minimalistic appearance, behind which hides the complicated design , unexpected combinations of bright colors and textures , always based on the infinite respect for the history of the brand.

Inspiration for the creation of the new bag was born from the words of  Christian Dior himself  :”A daytime bag must be simple yet elegant.”

The lateral folds new Dior Addict bag is inspired by the iconic design “Arizona” coats from 1948 that Simons repeated in the autumn-winter collection 2013/14 . The handles are made from a special leather of an unexpected color or texture with hanging metal pendants in the form of the letters D, I, O and R, traditional elements of the iconic French brand .The contrast among several colours of leather and of hardware is visually captivating. The graphic three-tone effect of Dior Addict appears in a number of color combinations, drawing on the creative energy of Raf Simons’ designs.

The bag is almost entirely created in the workshops of the Dior manually. The process of creating the bag from cutting to installing rivets and painting sections is shown in the one minute video.

Dior Addict is an ideal everyday bag, suitable for office, shopping trips and many other occasions. Available in a wide range of colors and three sizes, Vertical, Small and Large. The Dior Addict Bag is now available in stores. Prices range from €1,800.00 ($2,480.44 USD) to €2,100.00 ($2,893.42 USD).

Dior Addict Shopping Tote Bag Dior Addict Shopping Tote Bag Dior Addict Shopping Tote Bag Dior Addict Shopping Tote Bag Dior Addict Shopping Tote Bag

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