‘Hot Heads’ by Sebastian Kim for Allure April 2014

80’s-90’s supermodels Tatjana Patitz ,Paulina Porizkova and 44-years-model American model Elaine Irwin star in the hair editorial for Allure Magazine April 2014 issue. The three beauty were shot by Sebastian Kim.

ALLURE April 2014 issue :

Editorial : Hot Heads

Models : Elaine Irwin, Tatjana Patitz & Paulina Porizkova
Photographer : Sebastian Kim
Stylist : Siobhan Bonnouvrier
Hair : Garren
Makeup : Fulvia Farolfi
Manicure : Tatyana Molot


Elaine Irwin, 44 ;THE PROBLEM : “I feel like my curls have a mind of their own. They’ve become frizzy and unruly.” http://www.thecitizensoffashion.com/

Paulina Porizkova, 48 ; THE PROBLEM : “I have so many fucking grays to keep up with. And I want a cut that’s cool, but not girlie.” http://www.thecitizensoffashion.com/

Tatjana Patitz, 44 THE PROBLEM : “My hair is so dry. I was always putting it up to keep it out of my face.”http://www.thecitizensoffashion.com/

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