Gisele Bündchen for Marie Claire Brazil April 2014 23rd anniversary

33-years-old Gisele Bündchen graces the cover of Marie Claire Brazil April 2014 celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the magazine. Dressed in lingerie, the best paid model in the world was shot by Kevin O’Brian.

After almost 20 years of career, after so many perfume , jewelry , cable TV , shampoo , toothpaste and many others projects, after launching last year her own line of lingerie Gisele is at the pinnacle of this profession even though at an age when many models hang their heels. But her most precious achievements are her family, her two children and her husband.

In an interview for the magazine the model talks about being a mother, being fit, her lingerie brand.

On physical activities : ‘I travel a lot , so my routine varies greatly , depending on where I am . But I try to work out an hour a day every day . Usually I do not have that time, so I try to do at least 15 minutes of yoga or stretching. I do not have a specific exercise. I love yoga, boxing , kung fu , pilates , surfing, horseback riding , playing volleyball . The important thing is how good I feel after exercise. When I don’t do nothing, I feel that my day was incomplete.’

On being a mother : ‘ My kids and family are my priority. Organize the agenda and work around them . Although not easy, I do my best to accommodate all, but it is a constant challenge . I realized how important it is to take time for myself every day, to have more energy for my kids , husband , job ‘

On seduction : ‘ I think it is important to feel comfortable. Always, it helps to have confidence. A good lingerie always helps to create a mood. The rest is attitude.’

On launching her lingerie brand :  I worked so many years in this segment and came to understand and like every time more lingerie . The part I like best is the creation of the product . The staff [ of production ] always brings different ideas and I love to give advice . I also like to look and try everything to see how it looks and wears, how it feels on the body . I approve the fabrics , colors , models … I’m involved in the whole process.’


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