Horror Movie by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia April 2014

The latest fashion story signed by photographer Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia’s April 2014 issue it is really … ‘horror’ . Entitled ‘Horror Movie’ the photo spread is based on the idea of domestic violence where women are victims.

The april issue of Vogue Italia is one dedicated to rehab, fighting racism, the 2010 BP oil spill and cosmetic surgery addiction.

About the ‘horrific’ fashion story the editor in chief of the magazine, Franca Sozzani says : “The idea originally was cinematic,” Sozzani explains. “When you talk, for example, with young people and you see which kind of movie [they watch], [it’s] all about horror, about things that we… I don’t know, not the kind of movie that I usually look at. I don’t know why they have this kind of attitude to see all these kind of films and so we started to think about that and I said to Steven, ‘OK, let’s do [one] about [a] horror show.’” Sozzani continues. “Seeing the pictures when I was coming out of the shoot, it was everywhere on the TV in Italy, but even all around the world, how many women are every year attacked, abused and killed? You know, in a small country like Italy only last year [the figure] was 1,700 women and almost 130 that were killed, so it’s huge: it’s more than two women a week, you know, it’s like a huge proportion, just killed. And so I said… why don’t we give that message again, especially that the horror of life is bigger than the one that you can see in the movies. This is really a horror show, what we are looking at and what we see every day in every newspaper around the world is how fragile the woman still is today, and how she can be attacked, can be abused, can be killed.”

But the editor want to points one thing : “It was not against men, it’s about the fact that women have to be defended. And a lot of people are already doing something, because I know that even some other people in fashion are really committed to defending women and raising awareness, to empower women.”

”It’s not about provocation, at all,“ says Sozzani. ”I’m conscious that all the time I take risks, I am very conscious about that, I have a lot of conscience about that. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s because I think that fashion is such a good medium, that if you use fashion in the right way, you can talk to everybody. I joke that I invented Instagram 25 years ago, as I was only talking through images… because who speaks Italian? – Nobody. So images are the only way in which you can talk to everybody.”

Vogue Italia April 2014 issue :

Editorial : Horror Movie

Models : Issa Lish, Natalie Westling & Bernd Sassmannhausen

Photographer : Steven Meisel

Stylist : Karl Templer

Hair :Guido

Make-up: Pat McGrath





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