Second Act : Vanessa Paradis for Porter magazine Spring/Summer 2014

41-years-old French singer, model and actress Vanessa Paradis talks to Porter Magazine for their Spring/Summer 2014 issue about her career, but also her deep friendship with Karl Lagerfeld , and a little about her private life. The ex-wife of Johnny Depp said just that ” it’s over ” when asked about the engagement of her ex-husband with Amber Heard.

On her carrer : ” I do not regret the way it happened to me ( fame ) If I had to start again, I would do everything the same way .”

On Karl Lagerfeld : ” Karl and I, we get along so well. We admire each other and we love spending time together .This is really . . . love . ”

On her new haircut : “You do feel different… You do, you do, you do. It changes… It does give you an energy, more younger than older.”

Porter magazine Spring/Summer 2014 issue : 

Editorial : Second Act

Celeb : Vanessa Paradis

Photographer : David Bellemere

Styling : Natalie Brewster

Hair : John Nollet

Makeup : Christoph Danchaud

Vanessa Paradis for Porter magazine Spring/Summer 2014

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