Cool stuff : Chanel x Monster headphones

Chanel x Monster headphones

Chanel x Monster headphones

For the first time, these leather headphones appeared on the last fashion show of Chanel fall/winter 2014-2015 collection presented in March during Paris fashion week. At that moment the collaboration wasn’t made official. But here they are now.
The appearance of the Chanel headphones gave birth to a decent amount of rumors. Immediately after they appeared in the photos shared on the Instagram account of rapper and creative director of the famous manufacturer for audio enhancements Kasseem Dean , better known under the pseudonym of Swizz Beatz . Under the photo where the producer stands next to Karl Lagerfeld ( both on the neck with the headphones) , flaunts the signature of the collaboration of Monster with the fashion house Chanel. It is worth noting that Chanel refrained from commenting until now or neither confirming the cooperation with Monster , but did not refute .
Whatever it was , rumors and gossip does not diminish the beauty of the new accessory. To complete the headphones a special case in Chanel’s signature matelasse leather that carries the iconic logo. The headband is also made of leather, and the “ears” have Chanel ‘s logo on them . No info on any release date or price of the headphones.


Swiss Beatz and Karl Lagerfeld with Chanel x Monster headphones

Swiss Beatz and Karl Lagerfeld with Chanel x Monster headphones



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