Chasing Alix : Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2015


Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2015

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2015


For the first time in 24 years, instead of the traditional fashion show designer Vera Wang decided to present her bridal collection for Spring 2015 by releasing a short video entitled ‘Chasing Alix by Vera Wang’ in which stars the models Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Elisabeth Erms, Nastya Sten and Stophie Touchet. A mysterious  video shoot in an old mansion , located on Long Island where four young women are searching for the elusive and astonishing Madame Gres. A private world of mystery, romance, and dark seduction.

Wang said the intention was to reach a wider audience than she could with a fashion show.

“The opportunity to create a visual and expressive experience of the clothes, as interpreted by my fashion vision, is a whole new way for me to communicate with not only brides, but women everywhere,” she said. “In this instance, bridal becomes the artistic vehicle to advance my love of fashion in general. I hope you will enjoy this new experience.”

According to Wong, while creating the collection she was inspired by the “lightness of being, delicate and discipline, sensual and seductive.” The collection includes dresses in various styles , made of tulle and lace . Starting with column dresses with minimalist design and ending with ” princess ” and “mermaid” silhouettes .


Directed By: Gordon von Steiner

Make-Up: Marla Belt

Hair: Jimmy Paul

Models: Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Elisabeth Erms, Nastya Sten, Stophie Touchet

Set Design: Mary Howard Studio

Location: La Selva Mansion


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