We Love : BB and CC hair creams

Hair care becomes easier when it encounters the miracle formula of several combination ingredients ( sometimes up to 10 !) , like the ones in BB and CC creams.

BB and CC face creams have long won our love and trust . These ” beauty balms ” (as you know, BB stands for beauty balm) and skin tone correctors (CC – color correcting) with their ” all in one” formula help us eliminating imperfections from the skin , moisturizing , nourishing and performing many other functions that your skin needs.

Would be a pity to find such miraculous formulas only in the face creams. Inspired by the success of these creams hair care brands introduce now the BB and CC hair creams.

Today we want to present you two hair creams that we tried and love.

ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging CC Cream , $25.00 

ALTERNA® Caviar Anti-Aging CC Cream

Get perfectly polished, gorgeous hair with Caviar Anti-Aging CC Cream for hair that boasts 10 benefits in one single product. It delivers moisture, shine, smoothness and softness to your locks while protecting from UV damage and heat, aiding manageability, strengthening, preventing breakage and giving you the perfect light hold for simple styling.
How to use: Use alone or as a foundation for layering other styling products. Apply evenly to clean, towel-dried hair and style as desired. It can also be used as a finisher on dry hair for added perfection.

ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging Blonde Beauty Balm, $28.00

ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging Blonde Beauty Balm

A miracle, all-in-one formula that enhances blonde tones, highlights, and instantly smoothes frizz and flyaways.
This leave-in, weightless formula contains lemon, chamomile, and honey, providing moisture, body, definition, and shine to hair. By protecting against damage and color fade caused by ultraviolet exposure, heat styling, and harsh chemicals, hair looks perfectly nourished and beautifully styled.

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