How to choose the right foundation

How to choose the right foundation Photo : elena marin by gaby hirit for elle romania

How to choose the right foundation
Photo : elena marin by gaby hirit for elle romania


Even with the hot weather, the majority of women do not waive at their foundation. Here than some smart tips to choose the one that’s right for your skin and your own habits.

LIQUID FOUNDATION It is the “classic” one or at least the kind we think about when we talk about make-up base. Its success is mainly due to the fact that it is light on the skin and can be adjusted depending on the coverage you want.TO APPLY: the majority of professionals advice to start from the center part of the face and then spreads the liquid foundation outwards. Then, to remove the excess product, use a sponge to dab carefully at the sides of the nose.

POWDER FOUNDATION There are two types: baked or pressed. The former are lighter and have a luminous finish; the latter have a matte finish on the skin. In general, both guarantee a result that minimizes pores and softens the flaws of an oily skin.TO APPLY: Use a brush for a light finish, start from the center and roll the product out. If you prefer a more covering effect use a powder sponge.

FOUNDATION CREAM This is the denser version of the liquid foundation and usually has the consistency of a moisturizer. This characteristic makes it perfect for those with dry skin or very dry. TO APPLY: although usually the package includes a sponge or a brush, the make up artist said to spread it with your fingers so that the heat of the fingertips creates a perfect ‘fusion’ with the skin.

MINERAL FOUNDATION It is literally made ​​up of crushed minerals and used as make-up. For this reason, they usually have the consistency of a powder, but they are also offered in liquid or cream form. They are perfect for those with sensitive skin, acne and for those who want a natural matte effect or a super bright one (both finishes are available). TO APPLY: if in powder use a flat brush, for the cream or fluid versions apply it with your fingers or a sponge.


1) BE PATIENT: After you put the moisturizer wait at least 5 minutes before applying foundation so that the product does not “slip” on the skin.

2) YOU HAVE APPLIED TOO MUCH? After dabbing the face with a makeup sponge, apply a moisturizing spray on the face and spread the foundation with your fingers a second time.

3) PAY ATTENTION TO DRY ZONES: they are usually around the nose and the corners of the mouth. Be careful because in these areas the foundation could create a stain. So, before applying, gently exfoliated those areas of the face that are the most dehydrated.

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