Subjective : Kate Moss on her first years as a model


Kate Moss talks to famous photographer and friend, Nick Knight about the her beginnings as a model. Entitled ‘Subjective’ in the video the supermodel remembers being shot, while not yet 16, by Corinne Day for the cover of The Face in 1990 in Camber Sands.

Kate Moss by  Corinne Day for The Face cover

Kate Moss by Corinne Day for The Face cover 1990

‘Despite their iconic visages, recognised across the world from huge billboards and magazine covers, models remain a strangely silent part of the fashion industry. Certainly the role they play in creating some of the world’s most iconic images is often overlooked. The credit and audience goes to the photographers and stylists, whose concepts and techniques are endlessly discussed, celebrated and publicised, with models often being relegated to mere beautiful objects – a gorgeous subject, ready and malleable before the lens, rather than a talented creative with independent skills and ideas.

To readdress this, Nick Knight and SHOWstudio present the history of contemporary fashion photography as told from the subjects’ perspectives. When envisaging Subjective, Knight sought to empower and celebrate the knowledge of top models by putting their stories in the spotlight. The series features candid interviews about iconic fashion images with supermodels such as Kate Moss, Alek Wek, Liberty Ross, Lily Cole, Kristen McMenamy, Raquel Zimmermann and Tatjana Patitz.’ –

  • Concept/direction: Nick Knight
  • Film edit: Carly Baker
  • Camera: Jon Emmony, Rauwanne Northcott, Markn Ogue
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