NEW : Kate Hudson x Chrome Hearts sunglasses

Kate Hudson x Chrome Hearts sunglasses

Kate Hudson x Chrome Hearts sunglassesphoto: Chrome Hearts

Kate Hudson tried again her designing skills in a joint project with the LA based apparel and accessories brand Chrome Hearts, this time for a sunglasses collection. The new collaboration was celebrated at the end of last week at the Chrome Hearts store in Los Angeles, where the actress was joined by her famous friends Fergie, Steven Tyler, and Rachel Zoe.

Available for the moment just in two styles: “Eye So Shady” and “Eye So Sassy,” will ultimately come in eleven different variations, all for $850 a piece. “I am always wearing sunglasses,” Hudson said “So the glasses are just an extension of what we’re doing. These turned out really well and we’re so excited about them. I just wanted it to be classic and strong with a little bit of fire behind it.”

The actress and her pal Laurie Lynn Stark, co-owner of Chrome Hearts are already working on their second collaboration for the jewelry line of the brand. Prototype pieces were on display at the party along with an ornate diamond tiara the pair had made for the Diamond Jubilee in London a few years ago.

“She’s very good at design,” Stark said. “It would be difficult if she wasn’t. Because she’s an actress you assume she might not be, but she really studies it.”

Her friends were also impressed by her designing skills “I think Kate is such a talent,” Fergie said. “I love Chrome Hearts and the whole rock ‘n roll thing. I’ve loved that for years, but I love how with Kate’s line they took it into a softer, more Penny Lane area.”

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