Art for Freedom : Madonna for L’Uomo Vogue May/June 2014

The iconic singer Madonna is the star of L’Uomo Vogue’s May/June 2014 issue. Madonna is known for being one of the most committed celebrity for ‘the fight of human rights, as demonstrated by her frequent public statements, her humanitarian work in Malawi and her recent project Secretprojectrevolution and Art For Freedom. ‘

Secretprojectrevolution is an autobiographical short-film based on the singer experience and many stereotyping battles she fought in her life and career : “How can you create art without becoming involved?”, says Miss Ciccone. “I like to compare myself to Frida Kahlo: everything she did was a self-portrait”. The pop icon was helped to co-directed the project by Steven Klein.

It is a : “Love revolution […] a revolution of independent thought, of having your own opinion and not giving a damn about what people say.”

“Sometimes we are the victims of oppression, other times we imprison ourselves”, she says. “The movie is an example of the paradoxical world we live in”.

Art For Freedom is the next stage on from the movie. It is a digital platform in association with Vice Media that hosts videos, photos, illustrations and documentation of performances addressing intolerance and persecution. “There was a time when art reflected what was happening in society”, she proceeds, pensively. “Artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Richard Pryor or Jean-Luc Godard made political statements through their art”. The object of Art For Freedom is “to encourage people to believe that we can bring about change in the world through art” and a cry of protest against the commoditization of creativity.

Her greatest source of inspiration is the writer and activist James Baldwin, who has spoken at length of an artist’s responsibility in society. “By allowing ourselves to be consumed by corporate branding, worrying about having the approval of others and promoting only what is acceptable and popular, we destroy our art and everything about it that’s unique”, Madonna states.

L’Uomo Vogue May/June 2014 issue :

Celeb : Madonna

Photography : Tom Munro

Fashion Assistant : Esther Matilla, Rika Watanabe.

Manicure : Naomi Yasuda@Streeters.

Hair stylist : Andy LeCompte@The Wall Group for Wella Professionals.

MakeUp : Artist Gina Brooke for Intraceuticals.

Personal Stylist : Arianne Phillips.

 Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue May/June 2014  Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue May/June 2014  Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue May/June 2014  Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue May/June 2014  Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue May/June 2014

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