Buy Now : Kelly and Sharon Osbourne for MAC collection

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne for MAC collection is finally here.A limited-edition of showstopping products for your face, lips and eyes all wrapped up in light violet and red packaging.

The girls of the controversial Osbourne family, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne , mother and daughter created a limited-edition makeup collection with MAC Cosmetics. The line was launched yesterday in London. “The first thing Kelly stole from me was a lipstick,” said Sharon during the event adding “In one of our bedrooms in our house, we had striped wallpaper, so Kelly decided to use the lipstick to add another stripe.”

Kelly instead remembered the advices her mother gave her regarding beauty : “The best tip my mom taught me is that beauty comes from the inside,” she said.“You have to love yourself and be comfortable with yourself. And when you can’t accept yourself for who you are, no matter how hard you try — I tried real hard — you’re never going to wake up and be anyone else. Beauty comes from within, and you have to be confident. When you are confident, it becomes infectious. That’s something my mother has always instilled in me.”

Both llimited-edition color collections, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne includes 13-piece each. Sharon’s collection includes products that focus on contouring while Kelly’s line includes a Cheeky Bugger powder blush, a Spoonful of Sugar eye shadow quad, and a Kelly Yum-Yum bright lipstick.

Prices range from 13 pounds, or $21 to 37 pounds, or $62. The collection is available starting today at all MAC locations and online, at Nordstrom and selected stores.

Kelly Osbourne for MAC collection :

Sharon Osbourne for MAC collection : 





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