Style icons over 80

All images by Ari Seth Cohen

Style icons over 80

Advanced style by Ari Seth Cohen

Since 2008, photographer Ari Seth Cohen immortalizes the streetwear of fashionistas over 70 around the world for his massively clicked blog Advanced Style. Result: thousands of clicks on the web, hordes of followers and now a documentary film in the U.S. and UK in these weeks.

Style icons over 80 Ilona 94 years, Joyce Lynn Dell 80 and 81. These three fashionable ladies are featured in the documentary “Advanced Style”. The film is based on the blog of the same name launched by American photographer Ari Seth Cohen, who from 2008 immortalizes “geriatric” streetwear around the world by identifying icons of style even at 80 years old. The documentary follows the lives of seven bloggers over eighty who share their thoughts on style, fashion, body and age.”Your body is your best friend,” the ladies are saying.

The idea of the documentary comes from the large numbers of followers of the “grannies-fashion” on the web. “The first time I posted on Youtube we had 50 thousand views in a very short time: I realized that there was a phenomenon to be followed and tell,” says the photographer Ari Seth Cohen, 32-years-old, author of a book about his older style-icons. “I can not even imagine going out without a hat, is the only romantic thing left nowadays,” said Mimi Weddell, a 94 years fashionista.

Bright colors, blue colored hair and deformed tracksuits : How far away this stereotype. The ladies photographed by Ari Seth Cohen have a clear identity and a great attention for details and accessories.

The blog has become a media case with more than 100 thousand visits per month. “But who says you stop to have style even with so many years behind,” says Ari Seth Cohen who takes up a bit ‘the work of photographer Scott Schuman The Sartorialist but,  dedicated to those over 80.

Is it the revenge of the cool grandmas? In fact the over 80 intrigue designers for some time. Marc Jacobs was inspired by the blog for some creations in the A / W 2012  collection. Vivienne Westwood has hired the former model and singer Leslie Winer, 60, for her S/S 2013-14 ad campaign . The brand The Row has hired the former model and stylist Linda Rodin, now 65 years old for the Pre-Fall 2014. And François Nars tapped 68 -year-old British actress Charlotte Rampling was announced as the new face of  Nars cosmetics to celebrate its 20 anniversary and 64-year-old actress Jessica Lange became the face of the new ad campaign of Marc Jacobs Beauty.From models to over eighty: even the famous photographer Tim Walker is fascinated by the fashion victims with gray hair. In the past months came out The Granny Alphabet, published by Thames & Hudson. The proceeds of the book are donated to the foundation Friends of the Elderly.

Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80 Style icons over 80

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  1. Reblogged this on Chaos Girl & the Real World and commented:
    I first came across Advanced Style on Pinterest (but of course). I was in the throes of alternative fashion inspiration when boom! there were these fabulous ladies, oozing style all over the screen. Alternative? This is an alternative, I thought, and not just to twinsets and pearls.

    I’m fascinated by these ladies, with their confidence, chutzpah even, to be sassy and sexy, or just plain alternative, long past society’s decreed polite age for that. Why do they capture my imagination so much?

    These women own something, something age and society’s boxing of that hasn’t wrestled from their manicured grips. They own their own image and representation of themselves as women. No one defines them but themselves.

    And then there’s the simple answer. That’s who I wanna be when I grow up.

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