Terry Richardson covers the latest issue of New York Magazine

Terry Richardson covers the latest issue of New York Magazine.

Terry Richardson covers the latest issue of New York Magazine. Photo by Cass Bird

Usually Terry Richardson himself shoots the cover of magazines, but this time he faced the camera lens for the last issue of New York Magazine. In light of recent events it is not surprising that the photographer has something to say to the world.

Terry Richardson has long consolidate his place among stellar photographers, making a name for himself, standing behind the camera or not . However, his fame has another side: successful projects of Terry alternated with rumors of harassment on his part. The last straw was a screenshot of a message addressed to a British model, Emma Appleton, where Richardson allegedly invites her to shoot for Vogue in exchange for sex. Later, Emma said she is not sure of the authenticity of the message, considering that Terry does not have an account on Facebook, where the model ‘received’ offer.

“It’s insane, the internet,” Richardson was saying. “Totally craziness. Like a little cancer. People can just do whatever they want, say whatever they want, be totally anonymous. It’s totally out of control.”

Richardson has been called “the world’s most fucked up fashion photographer” by the website Jezebel, “fashion’s shameful secret” by the Guardianand “America’s Next Top Scumbag” by Wonkette.

For an in-depth, very interesting article on Terry Richardson, that also reveals his past and his connection with his father, Bob Richardson a famous photographer in the 60’s -70’s , visit NEW YORK MAGAZINE.

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