How to protect your hair during summer

how to protect your hair during summer

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Summer is an enemy for our hair. The UV rays, the action of salt water and chlorine but also the air conditioning can make your hair less healthy and shiny . Protect them with hats and try to keep them as clean as possible by washing it every day with fresh water and very little shampoo.

A shampoo a day keeps the split ends back
Beware of promises in the advertising, shampoos only serve to cleanse, in this case to remove salt or chlorine from your scalp , nothing more. The vitamins and substances contained in the revolutionary shampoo that should fortify bulbs, roots and the ends of your hair are pretty much useless: they are substances that stay in contact with the hair a very short time to develop truly effective action. The best choice is the most delicate shampoo.Look for products that have no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate and choose a product for daily or frequent washing that tend to be more delicate. Important: when you wash your hair you don’t need an industrial quantity of product. Just a small dab of product diluted in the hollow of your hand with fresh water will do the work.

Yes to the masks, but in moderation
An occasional use can be helpful. However, remember to leave them on for some time. Otherwise, their application is useless. Again, beware of television commercials or the ones you find in magazines. No one makes miracles. In fact, there is no need to be specific products for the sun and the sea, it is enough that they contain emollients and moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerine, jojoba oil and shea butter. Also good the presence of antioxidants, primarily vitamin E. Thumbs down instead for products containing petrolatum and silicone. Despite giving an aesthetically pleasing look, they are pollutants and, also, might contain impurities which, by creating a film between the air and the hair, inhibit hydration.

And the sun filters?
Doctors do not really recommend solar protection for your hair. If you want to use sunscreens, remember you’re applying chemicals. At the end of the day then do not forget to wash with care the hair and the scalp. In the end, the potential benefits are less obvious than the disadvantages (washing the hair with an aggressive product you are likely to damage it ).

Yes for oils 
The protective oils are designed to create a protective barrier and are especially useful for those with dyed hair. They protect and, more importantly, help to keep the color longer. Look for products with extracts of plants and avoid those with petrolatum and silicone.


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