The Summer Of Isabel Marant

To welcome the arrival of summer, French designer Isabel Marant tells us the essence of her holiday wardrobe : leather, lace and nonchalance.

Isabel Marant by Laurent Humbert for Madame Figaro

Isabel Marant by Laurent Humbert for Madame Figaro June 21, 2014

Her free, light, facetious style puts electricity in world of fashion. Isabel Marant has it all, she creates what she likes and it suits us. To greet the sunny days, the designer tells us the essence of her holiday wardrobe: leather, lace and disarming nonchalance. And rightly so.

It was an intense year for the French designer : opening a shop in London, first anniversary of the one in Los Angeles, the famous capsule collection for H & M , two prizes (the Elle Style Awards in London and the Crystal Globe in Paris) … will she finally be able to rest?

‘This is the first time since I took my degree, that I managed to take four weeks,’ she says. Will this hyperactive woman be able to disconnect? Yes, summer, according to Isabel Marant, is an enchanted moment.

‘I love the light of summer, the sun, the warm feeling on my skin. Soon as there is a ray of sun, I feel alive again,’ laughing she adds ‘So much so that I wonder every day why I live in Paris. ‘

When it comes to holidays she likes backpacking, discovering countries, changing a place every two days or totally the opposite,just staying in one place doing nothing and read a book all day. She loves Sri Lanka, Africa, Mexico, India, the United States with no particular attachment to a country.

Her favorite color for the summer is white. ‘The white is fresh, clean and classy. And frankly, it is difficult to wear white except in summer when it is not a bit tanned …’ Marant says.

But what is she packing for a seaside escape? ‘Shorts. I have a multitude in denim, white to black, ripped to embellished. It is easy and convenient, and it is a piece that works in the evening with a nice top. I also have a lot of t-shirts and tank tops in linen, a sweatshirt and some tunics-mini-dresses that I wear with gladiator sandals. Not to mention my flip flops and my Birkenstock.’

Rather one or two-piece? ‘Two-piece, monokini even. Simple because I do not have breasts,’ she says laughing.

What about the sunscreen : ‘I do not put anything on my skin, but I drink carrot juice. At the same time, I’m not the type to spend hours in the sun.’ Well this is rather unexpectable !



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