So precious! by Vogue Gioiello

Vogue Gioiello presents an exuberant inspiration for this summer’s perfect pedicure.

Vogue Gioiello March 2014 issue :

Editorial : So precious!

Fashion Editor : Enrica Ponzellini

Photographer : Eric Maillet

So precious! by Vogue Gioiello

Red gold ring with black and white diamonds. Crivelli. Opposite. Rings with brown diamonds. de Grisogono.

So precious! by Vogue Gioiello

Left. Rose gold ring with smoky quartz and brown diamonds, yellow gold ring with citrine quartz and orange sapphires. Hausmann & Co. Scale courtesy stube. Right. Rose gold ring with diamonds. Moraglione 1922.

So precious! by Vogue Gioiello

Yellow gold rings with diamonds. Octium.

So precious! by Vogue Gioiello

White and yellow hammered gold ring with brown diamonds and red and white hammered gold ring with diamonds. Vendorafa Lombardi. Scale courtesy Wunder

One comment

  1. Nice with the rings – but even nicer would be to have cartoon feet like those perfect pair! A bit too retouched perhaps..? But then who would enjoy an ad like this with ugly feet haha.

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