Your Blogs Against Ana And Mia

Become ambassadors for this important message. A lot depends on you and your willingness to help your peersWhite-writing-29491444-516-350-1

Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani, during her Harvard speech, underlined how we all have a responsibility to fight eating disorders. All of us, and especially young people need to become a point of reference for those that don’t have the strength to face these terrible eating disorders. An appeal that Vogue has decided to turn into reality starting precisely from our readersAfter the petition against pro-ana and pro-mia websites, today we turn to all of you with a new request.Create a blog – or, if you already have one, create a special section inside it – where you can discuss eating disorders, in which you can try to help and support young people suffering from these disorders, anorexia and bulimia, seeking alternatives or practical advice to support them. A place in which to demonstrate the inadequacy and harmfulness of pro-ana and pro-mia websites, trying to convince the young people that suffer from these diseases to no longer turn to them. Only with positive blogs can we cancel them out, winning the fight against these websites, which no law seems to be capable of doing.


  1. Having an eating disorder is not something that goes away in one night. It has been almost 2 years since I started eating healthy again, but the internet is a constant source of Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia propaganda and it is really difficult for me to keep in track sometimes. Thanks to everyone who is trying to eradicate the problem because it is really painful and it is a constant battle. In my blog I have and will continue to talk about my experiences having and eating disorder and being a Plus size model.

  2. Ashley

    You do realize most of the people creating pro-ana websites do not even suffer from actual eating disorders-that is a misconception, and a terribly incorrect one, to assume all the people actually diagnosed, suffering and/or recovering from these terrible illnesses would spend our time building websites to encourage our destructive behavior to others-Fact-People with real eating disorders are not the ones behind this madness-eating disorders are not about vanity and looking pretty-the girls creating pro-ana websites can’t even recognize that eating disorders are mental illnesses-call me crazy, but if someone diagnoses you as mentally ill, you generally don’t wear your illness like a badge of honor, and spend your time showing others how to develop an eating disorder-that’s ridiculious-pro-anas are mostly just stupid normal weight to overweight teenage girls that want to fit into a certain jean size or impress a boy, or gain popularity-they don’t give a crap that eating disorders are not something you choose, or that they kill people-i have suffered with anorexia for 8 years-it is completely insulting to assume the term pro-ana means person with eating disorder trying to fuel their disease-it doesn’t-pro-anas actually want eating disorders-you should know for a fact anyone wishing or looking for tips on how to aquire and eating disorder do not actually have one-they are just wanting to lose weight and have become desperate-simple as that-oh, and pro-ana is for idiots that are too lazy to diet and excersize in a healthy way-they are too stupid to realize what they are doing is dangerous, and too naive to realize nearly all pro-ana and thinspiration photos are photo-shopped (as in not real)

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