Patricia Field – Costume Designer-Stylist

Patricia_Field-bio73011When you watch re-runs of Sex and the City, one thing resonates clearly – the sartorial choices of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda made an impact on the way we dressed then… and the way we dress now. We have one woman with flaming red hair to thank: Ms. Pat Field. Her credits span across all iconic fashion frontiers. It’s no secret that she was also the brain behind the Oscar-nominated wardrobe, The Devil Wears Prada – Field deserves a standing “O” for that alone, no? Today, we fête Field and the legendary fictional characters she has outfitted over the years who went on to became style icons for the fashion crowd. We shot the super stylist at her apartment on Bowery (she lives right near her namesake shop). We expected eccentricity, but we weren’t prepared for her exposed brick walls with hints of pink glitter. The legendary powerhouse’s home is full of incredible art and artifacts, including an original Guadalajara Poncho sketch from Ugly Betty, on which Field also served as the show’s stylistic director. (Cue the Ugly Betty fan club screams from our very own Erin Kleinberg here.) You shouldn’t be surprised when we tell you that her bed is a converted 1970s hot tub. And we were more than happy when Field got down on her hands and knees and helped style the shots – the more creative brains the merrier, right? She’s been a role model to us for as long as we can remember and a mentor to Eric Daman – the man responsible for outfitting the dapper guys and gals on a little show called Gossip Girl. Talk about learning from the best of the best, right? She’s also credited for creating trends like the Carrie necklace (SATC), the power suit (Ugly Betty) and the sky-high black pump (The Devil Wears Prada). It’s Pat freaking Field, people. Need we say more?

Welcome to Patricia Field’s home. This mirrored broad greets you when you walk in. Carrie Bradshaw of the future?Jacket, Vintage Pucci



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