Kerrie Luft – Sculptured Heels


Kerrie Luft.

Masters in Footwear Design at Cordwainers, London College of Fashion.
Internships with Lulu Guinness and Patrick Cox.

Current projects
“I’m currently working on my collection for Fall Winter 2013/14 which I will be presenting in Paris at the beginning of March. For this collection I will be introducing a boot, lots of gold and polished titanium.”

What’s next 
“I’m currently working on a new heel design that I will be launching for SS 14, an evolution of my Nouveau Collection.”

Personal Style
“Always quite difficult to define your own style but I like quite classic things, a tailored jacket, an oversized coat, leather pieces, sometimes a hat , lots of Black and high heels!”

All time favorite designers are 
“Yves Saint Laurent, Madame Grès, Chanel and Alexander McQueen.”

All time style icon is 
Jane Birkin. I’m also inspired by her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg.”

A special thanks to
“All at Fashion Fringe for allowing me to continue my journey and giving me a platform and the opportunity to learn at one of the most inspiring luxury footwear and accessory houses, Roger Vivier.”

Never with/never without 
“Never with an umbrella, never without lipstick.”

The greatest dream
“To leave a creative mark on the world.”

26th November.


Current City 

How do you define fashion?
“An escapism from reality that allows us to fulfill our greatest dreams and desires.”

 kerrie-luft-sketch kerrie-luft-sketch- kerrie-luft-sketch- kerrie-luft-sketch- kerrie-luft-sketch- Kerrie Luft SS 2013 dsc-2721-white-1171963_0x440 Kerrie Luft SS 2013 Kerrie Luft SS 2013 Kerrie Luft SS 2013 page-19-328607_0x440 Kerrie Luft SS 2013 Kerrie Luft SS 2013 page-9a-32462_0x440 Kerrie Luft SS 2013




  1. Although I could never wear these myself, due to foot problems, they would look beautiful on Katniss Everdeen!!
    All I could think was “Hunger Games” when I saw the designs on the heels.

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