Valentine’s Dream Gift Exclusive: Million-Dollar Shoes

Consumers whose taste in luxury fashion runs beyond the now-famous precious gem-studded bra of a major lingerie retailer may want to take a trip to Leon’s of Beverly Hills. Through August 1st, the fine jeweler is displaying the world’s first pair of hand-strassed, diamond-encrusted million-dollar shoes, courtesy of high-end fashion brand Crystal Heels™.Million-Dollar Shoes from Crystal Heels Dazzle at Leon's of Beverly Hills
Crystal Heels founder Evelyn Fox started with a peep-toe Giuseppe Zanotti pump in size 37 (U.S. size 6). For three weeks, Fox and her team painstakingly placed 11,000 diamonds on the shoes. Each of the .03-, .05-, .07-, .10-, .20-, and .40-carat stones is meticulously spaced for maximum visual appeal — and the end result is stunning.

Perfectly symmetrical, The Million Dollar Shoes are literally covered in precious stones. From the five-inch stiletto heel to the demure peep-toe, every inch of the shoes — including the stitching — sparkles as only diamonds can.

As The Million Dollar Shoes were in development, Fox set out to find a suitable place to display them. Leon’s Jewelry was a natural fit. Accustomed to retailing one-of-a-kind, high-end jewelry, the boutique’s staff had the knowledge to represent the exceptional Crystal Heels.

“It is certainly unusual to find shoes in a high-end jewelry store, but The Million Dollar Shoes are like no others,” Fox stated. “They are the ultimate accessory: high-fashion shoes that rival the world’s most exquisite jewels.”

Crystal Heels was born of Fox’s love of unique shoes. Unable to find exactly what she wanted, Fox, a 24-year-old former fashion model, set to work with Swarovski crystals and a pair of Christian Louboutins to create the look she envisioned. From that first shimmery pair of shoes, Crystal Heels grew into the luxury fashion brand it is today — and The Million Dollar Shoes are the line’s crown jewel.

“With the placement of The Million Dollar Shoes in the window of Leon’s Jewelry, Valentine’s Day season in Beverly Hills just became even more glamorous,” Fox concluded. “The Million Dollar Shoes are a fashion first, and I encourage women everywhere to find inspiration in them.” The Million Dollar Shoes are available for purchase at Leon’s Jewelry located in Beverly Hills.



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