Rauwolf Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

While Rauwolf’s Kristine Johannes draws inspiration from outer space, her designs are anything but spacey—in fact, they’re grounded in immaculate craftsmanship and technical innovation. With architectural shapes and reflective surfaces, these future-inspired clutches guarantee an über-stylish future.Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-4 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-5 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-6 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-7 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-8 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-9 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-1 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-2 Rauwolf Fall:Winter 2013-3

available to pre-order at modaoperandi.com


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