Karl Lagerfeld did it again!!! French association for curvy women is angry with him!

Karl Lagerfeld  before and after diet

Karl Lagerfeld before and after diet

The “Belle, ronde, sexy et je m’assume”( “Pretty, curvy, sexy and fine with it” )  association together with Miss Ronde France , filed a complaint for “defamatory and discriminatory comments” against the couturier Karl Lagerfeld who argued that “No one wants to see curvy women on the catwalk” during an entertainment show on a french television channel.

“It’s the fat women sitting in front of televisions with their pack of crisps who say slim models are hideous” said the german designer.

“We’re fed up. Many young girls are insecure and hearing such comments is terrible for them”, said the head of the association, which was set up in January 2012 in Saintes.” It must stop the insults from public figures .Today it’s him who insults us and tomorrow who will it be?”

A petition against what Mr. Lagerfeld had preceded the complaint and collected more than 500 signatures.
“We received messages from young girls who are victims of insults at school and out of school . We would like prevention to be done in schools so that people understand that the curves is often a genetic disease or so and not because of a poor diet . We defend the people round but it also wants to stop all forms of discrimination ,” also said Ms. Aubrière .

You should remember that Lagerfeld himself lost 42 kilos (93 pounds) more than 10 years ago and even wrote a book about it. Often in interviews the designer creates controversy talking about this topic,one of the latest calling the awarded British singer Adele “a little too fat”.





  1. I have a problem with curves being called a genetic “disease”. This statement is almost as bad as Karl Lagerfeld’s. Yes, body types often have a genetic link. But, having “curves” is not an illness or disease. It’s like saying having curly hair instead of straight is a genetic “disease”.

  2. Maybe I’m crazy to think this but I admire Mr. Lagerfeld for being so brazen, saying whatever he feels at the time. I think he can be terrible at times but as a girl who is trying to better herself, feel and look good in my own skin, I admire him in some ways. I feel like he speaks the truth. With that said, I don’t think he represents the majority in his saying that no one wants to see curvy women on the runway. I think there should be more sizes embraced in fashion. Truth is, until designers want to expand their sample sizes, it just isn’t going to happen.

  3. Karl is so talented, he shouldn’t feel the need of saying those things to create controversy. You don’t need to lose your compassion to be successful. The comment about Adele was the worst!!!

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