From the heart, Chopard Happy Diamonds collection

Jewelry house Chopard proposed its idea of a Valentine’s day gift: a pendant, earrings or a ring in the shape of a heart with floating diamonds from the updated Chopard Happy Diamonds collection

Chopard Happy Diamonds

Chopard introduced a new collection of gold jewelry in the form of hearts from a series Happy Diamonds, the launch of which Buro 24/7 wrote . Occasion Valentine’s jewelers have prepared a collection of pendants, earrings and rings in the classical interpretation of Valentine’s Day – the shape of hearts . Decoration of white and warm pink gold decorated with diamonds framing little hearts and ” plying ” directly inside.

The Co-President and Creative Director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele admitted that for the creation of this collection she was  inspired by the waterfall :” floating ” diamonds are like drops of water floating in the air.

The story started in 1976,  when Ronald Kurowski, a talented Chopard designer, became fascinated with the sparkle of unset diamonds. A dream was born: that of creating a watch where diamonds could enjoy total freedom of movement. The dream was to become reality in the shape of «Happy Diamonds» an innovative concept allowing diamonds to move freely thanks to a dial inserted between two sapphire watch crystals. Originally the first “Happy Diamond” was a model for men but it then inaugurated a new watch collection designed for women.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Chopard Happy Diamonds Chopard Happy Diamonds Chopard Happy Diamonds Chopard Happy Diamonds

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