Kirsten Dunst for Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2014

31-years -old American actress Kirsten Dunst graces the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2014 issue. The young actress also stars in a very romantic fashion story entitled ‘American Beauty’ shot by David Slijper.

In an interview for the magazine the actress talks about ‘playing opposite Viggo Mortensen in her new film, The Two Faces of January, how femininity has become undervalued – and her passion for a onesie.’

On Viggo Mortensen : “He’s surprisingly hilarious,” says Kirsten Dunst of Viggo Mortensen, with whom she co-stars in her forthcoming film. “The first time I met him, he was very reserved. It was in an elevator. I was like, ‘Hi.’ He was like, ‘Oh, hi.’ I learned later he was very shy. So I was nervous, even a little scared, to work with him. I thought, “This is going to be intense.” Then I got the whole other side, which I don’t think many people know. He should do comedy, I’ve told him that… I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy with people knowing how fun he is.”

On fashion : “I cared more about outfits when I was younger… the older I get, the lazier I get. Have you ever heard of Free City sweats? They’re sweatpants, but very, very comfortable. I can get very comfortable.”

On directing movies : “I would love it. I love getting immersed in things and being busy all the time. It’s just that I’m not going to write my own script. I don’t think I can, I honestly don’t. It would be easier to find a book to adapt. But, I’m not interested in directing right now. Maybe in three years. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have children then. I probably will – one day – want to try it.”

Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2014 issue :

Editorial : American Beauty

Celeb : Kirsten Dunst

Photographer : David Slijper

Styling : Leith CLark

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