Moynat, Orient Express and Guerlain luxury beauty case

French  leather goods maker Moynat teamed up with beauty brand Guerlain and Orient Express, to release a luxury beauty case.

Moynat, Orient Express and Guerlain beauty case

Moynat, Orient Express and Guerlain beauty case

The result of this collaboration refers to the exclusivity of first class travel, which in the 20s of last century meant a trip on the famous ” Orient Express ” from Paris to Istanbul .This train synonym with luxury traveling decided to unite with Moynat, to produce a luxury beauty case. The third member of this project is the beauty French house Guerlain. The products of the brand from cosmetics to fragrances fill the inside of the exclusive beauty case.

The golden age of the Orient Express are also a key periods of the decorative arts , style , elegance , which is a return to its roots for Moynat , recapturing the spirit of traveling. This beauty case, an original creation, needs 250 hours of meticulous work. It is coated with calfskin in the signature blue color of Orient Express , receiving a vegetable tanning. The frame is made ​​of poplar , a species of lightweight wood. Hinge drawers are made from apple wood , a sublime material that offers the necessary resistance .

As whenever Moynat faces such a project, the content founds also its match in the world of luxury . Opened, the case has a backlit mirror revealing the sophistication and inviting interior and you discover many dedicated compartments filled with beauty products from Guerlain, an irreplaceable companions of traveling in style … Fully opened the case unveils in its center, a vintage bottle of Shalimar perfume made by Baccarat.

Each case will be custom-made. Different products can be filling the interior of the case . The most refined version is of course the one with Shalimar in a vintage Baccarat bottle inside. Depending on the client’s specifications the cost can vary from 4,000 euros and 40,000 euros, or $5,539 and $55,385 at current exchange.

Moynat, Orient Express and Guerlain beauty case Moynat, Orient Express and Guerlain beauty case Moynat, Orient Express and Guerlain beauty case

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