Cosmetics: the greatest hoaxes of the Web

The cosmetics companies invest millions in advertising their products to make us believe in ‘miracles’. You should learn to distinguish the false from the true.

Cosmetics: the greatest hoaxes of the Web

To sell more marketing also uses unfounded alerts on alleged harmful substances in products: especially on the internet you will find information of all kinds, often incorrect.

The world of cosmetics is full of slogans that promise miraculous beauty and health in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, on substances contained in creams, cleansers & Co., circulate many unfounded alarms, especially on the web. Here are some examples.

Many alarming reports that run on the network of alleged toxic substances in cosmetics have no foundation but – coincidentally – often push us to buy the latest buzz on the shelves, which prides itself on being different. There are these too marketing techniques: here’s a little rundown of the most common hoaxes.

  • The deodorants cause breast cancer

There is no evidence that demonstrate this news that was always denied by the scientific community.

  • The preservatives are bad

The preservatives are not all alike. Some, though allowed by international regulations, are not recommended because they have not a certain security profile, such as the long chain of parabens. But many others are considered safe and are essential to avoid deterioration of substances. Many products, in fact, because of their composition, rich in water, risk a microbial contamination.

  • The Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a carcinogen

It is a surfactant present in many detergents because in contact with water helps to remove dirt, but there is no scientifically proven correlation between this substance and the development of tumors.

  • Buy only if there is written: not tested on animals 

In fact it is an old claim, which is disappearing for almost all products because the current legislations already prohibits all animal testing for cosmetic products.


  1. Hi, great article but please know current legislation does not YET prohibit animal testing for cosmetics and as such cosmetics are STILL tragically tested on animals: As of right now June 2014, ” Everybunny loves U.S. Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia for introducing a bill to ban tests on animals for cosmetics! If the Humane Cosmetics Act passes, cruel cosmetics tests on animals will be banned one year later—and the sale of animal-tested products will be prohibited three years after the bill’s approval.”

    Read more:

    Hopefully very soon it will come true that companies will no longer test cosmetics on animals! Cruelty free beauty is true beauty! 🙂

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