New NARS collection an homage to french photographer Guy Bourdin

NARS Guy Bourdin collection

NARS Guy Bourdin collection

“This collection is an homage to [Bourdin] because he was such an inspiration in my life,” Nars, founder and creative director of the brand, told WWD. “When I was a young boy, I would go through my mother’s French Vogue and tear out Guy Bourdin images. Bourdin’s images were always the ones that really got my attention — he created a world that was so magical to me. From the lighting and the makeup to the abstract backgrounds and poses, Guy built up his own world. There is a certain decadence in Guy’s work that really struck a chord with me.”


As you know, Nars likes to choose art personalities of the past . Once the source of his inspiration was Andy Warhol , Edie Sedgwick and Candy Darling . Now it is the turn of the french photographer Guy Bourdin,best-known for his work with French Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar in the Seventies.

The Guy Bourdin collection includes 16 types of products , including nail polish, lipstick , blush , eye shadow , cosmetics , and more. Key color of the collection is red ,a favorite color of the photographer,

The launch of the Guy Bourdin Collection will take place on October 15 this year in NARS boutiques and online before hitting Sephora,department store and beauty stores internationally on November 1.The eye shadows will retail for $24 each, while the lipsticks will be priced at $26. The collection’s four new nail polishes will be $19 each and blushes will sell for $29.

NARS Guy Bourdin collection

NARS Guy Bourdin collection

NARS Guy Bourdin collection

NARS Guy Bourdin collection


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