T Magazine : Vogue by the Numbers

An article original from T Magazine by Jeff Oloizia

The glossy has spawned an industry of imitators, two documentaries, a major Hollywood film and, perhaps most enduringly, a modern dance craze. It’s also gone through some serious changes over the course of its 121 years in print. (See the 10 most groundbreaking covers in the history of Vogue here.) In recent years, the fashion bible has traded willowy models for celebrities of all kinds, a trend that reached its apex in April when the left-leaning, Chanel-shaded Brit Anna Wintour (the magazine’s seventh editor in chief) decided to put — gasp! — a reality star on its cover. But even with young upstarts nipping at its Manolos, the periodical that popularized tights and the L.B.D. continues to thrive under its time-tested principle. That is, while other magazines teach women what’s new in fashion, Vogue teaches them what’s in vogue. Here, a look at the facts and figures behind fashion’s foremost franchise.

T magazine : Vogue by the numbers

A version of this article appears in print on 08/24/2014, on page M2132 of the NewYork edition with the headline: Vogue Magazine.


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