Anna Piaggi’s Personal Wardrobe Exhibition

During Milan Fashion Week Anna Piaggi’s personal wardrobe will go on public display at an exibition housed in Fabrica Del Vapore in Milan,a spaced used for cultural activities Milan’s culture councillor, Stefano Boeri, said that the display marks a move towards the creation of a new fashion museum.”It’s really fundamental to keep the collection in Milan and exalt it, because it represents a real gem of Italian cultural heritage,” said Boeri.APiaggi6_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi1_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi2_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi3_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi4_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi5_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi6_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi9_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi10_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639 APiaggi11_V_7aug12_rex_b_426x639

Photo By Rex Features




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